Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W21: A'J: MIRD - Camera drone capture

From Myrhial Arkenath
Subject A'J: MIRD - Camera drone capture report of Site One: Antiquus
Date 113.11.30 21:10
Content I have made a small camera drone capture report highlighting the most important points of "Site One: Antiquus" in its current state, with the intention to show the sights to everyone who's not yet been here, but of course those of you familiar with its sights are welcome to look at it as well! Feel free to distribute this report to anyone that may be interested to see what many of us have so kindly donated to. Congratulations and well done to all involved, it's quite something that has been achieved here.

- Myrhial Arkenath, on behalf of A'J: MRID.