Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W20: Talocan Divisions

From Tykari
Subject Talocan Divisions
Date 113.11.25 15:59
Content Good day AJ Community,

For reasons I can not disclose I have been unable to access the fluid router communication systems for large periods of time. Considering my position as lead of the Talocan divisions this also has the side effect that very little gets done and not enough interested is being created to ensure progress happens in these areas. I have noticed some people have taken some opporunities to investige certain aspects of the Talocan closer for which I applaud and thank them.

Now considering these problems and the fact they are very likely to become recurring I would like to ask the community if anyone feels able and willing to take over these divisions and ensure the Talocan mysteries and questions can receive the attention they deserve. Until such time I will endeavour to do what little I can.

Kind regards,


From Myyona
Subject Talocan Divisions
Date 113.11.26 19:29
Content Greetings.

I have been contributing to the Talocan History group, but as I am already the lead of another group I would only take over Talocan History if it was strict necessary. Instead I would suggest you simply pull yourself from the position if you feel you cannot put the time into it. This will make it visible to interested parts that there is a vacant position to fill and I am certain the group can manage for a while without a strict lead.