Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W20: Ancient Races Update 5

From Myyona
Subject Ancient Races Update #5
Date 113.11.20 17:11
Content Greetings.

While people are taking a well-earned rest after the effort put into acquiring the necessary construction materials for Site One, I just wanted to make a small update from the AR group.

A paper on Jovian technology is already in the works and should be done very soon. A new study looking into the Black Monoliths have been planned to start on the very near future. Lastly, the Algintal projected might get expanded too as we uncover more relics and artifacts left behind by the Yan Jung in the constellation.

Though not willing to directly participate in the Arek’jaalan community, Mr. Datloran has published material fully covering the situation in the Okkelen constellation, The Forge region, for public viewing. Among many other things, this area houses the only known location of Talocan relics outside of w-space. Link