Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Wormholes: Natural or Artificial?

From Kivvic
Subject Wormholes: Natural or Artificial?
Date 113.07.15 02:10
Content Recently there have been talks about the nature of wormholes, and if they naturally occur or not. I would like to press forward the theory that wormholes, especially the ones we interact with are non-natural, perhaps even planned.

First let us prove by taking the opposite position. If Wormholes were truly natural, and for some reason they were not appearing because of some other reason, then they would have the possibility to lead to any random system, in New Eden, Anoikis, or any other region of space hitherto unknown. However the evidence does not support this statement. Wormholes only lead to known space, or Anoikis, nowhere else. In addition all unknown space shows signs of Sleeper / talocan relics / sites. If wormholes were truly natural then there would not be any guarantee that they would be populated, or even previously known of. The fact that every unknown area of space contains sleepers is statistically impossible assuming a wormhole would lead you randomly to any system in existence. Thus we can assume by this that Wormholes are not naturally occurring.

The question then becomes if they are not natural, then how are they made? To further this theory I would like to point at two possibilities. One, the Talocan were masters of Hyper Euclidean Mathematics, i.e. math in more than 3 dimensions, which *COULD* explain wormhole technology. Second, the sleeper society is based in Anoikis with no gate tech observed. Thus we can assume either they used a previously unseen method, or wormholes. If the wormholes were truly random, then the sleeper society, as a whole would not exist. There would be no way to support outgrowths once a wormhole closed, and we would not see any unison, much less mass data sites like the Mirror, unless the sleepers had some way to travel between these Anoikis systems. This leads me to the theory that the wormholes were not natural, and that the sleepers, or Talocan, or a combination of those two, had some method to move about wormholes.

This might also explain how the Sansha are able to conduct their raids. And might also show that *we* could use similar technology to move about Wormhole space with a purpose.