Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Why we use Binary instead of Trinary

From Kivvic
Subject Why we use Binary instead of Trinary
Date 113.07.14 00:59
Content The reason we use binary instead of trinary, or decmil, or hexagonal, or any other system lies within in the technical applications of the computer.

Specifically the electronic aspect. A computer has trouble when dealing with half-states. It works best when data is on or off. Think of it this way, anybody who is not blind could tell you when the lights in a room are on or off, but if you asked a person if the lights were on bright, or medium, you would get a range of answers because people cannot tell the data apart as easily. Electronics are even worse in this regard. They have almost no way to tell the diffrence between full or half electricity, and then what happens if the electrical data is .6? Will it round up to 1, to .5 or make a new state?

In short computers can not easily function under any conditions other than on or off. Thus we use binary to represent this, 1, the presence of an electrical signal, and 0, the lack of one.

Adding any new states would make the problem listed above and the computer would be unable to effictivy diffrentiate the states without having a huge quantity of error introduced into the system. Thus our computers would not be able to make heads or tails of trinary for these reaons. Its because of this that Jovian Trinary remains a mystery to us, even today.

From Stitcher
Subject Why we use Binary instead of Trinary
Date 113.07.14 01:03
Content This mail assumes that we are dealing in electronic computer systems.

quantum computing techniques could quite conceivably depend on quantum principal spin, where individual elemental particles can have upwards of four possible exclusive states.

Quantum microprocessors based on such principles already see extensive use in Caldari ship manufacture.

Trinary computing is not good for electronic microprocessors for the reasons stated below, but there are other ways to build a computer.

From Kivvic
Subject Why we use Binary instead of Trinary
Date 113.07.14 01:16
Content Quantum computing is definetily a possibility, but even most such systems still rely on the bit, as well as the atomic positioning for it. In short this qbit (quantum bit) can be on the Surface of a sphere with the north end as 1, and the sound pole as 0.

As such despite having a large degree more freedom in positioning it still adheres to binaric principles at its base, it just adds multiple definitions of this state to be allowed in. However this still does not allow the quanutm computer to compile trinariy data, only qbit data, which while having mutliple possiblities is still binaric in origings, mostly for the purpose of legacy code, one of the things holding us back the most. Of course dropping legacy code would be a bit too much of a problem for dealing with other... less advanced... corporations, and empires.