Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Week 1 – Initial Plans

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Week 1 – Initial Plans
Date 113.07.12 02:17
Content In the interests of operating as transparently as possible, here are some tasks I’ll be following up on this coming week, as well a few things I’ll need assistance with, if at all possible. This is just a snapshot based on some discussion in the Arek'Jaalan channel.

There are many things to be done. Some may not agree on the priorities here. All I can say is that a long road is ahead of us, and we should make our first step now, regardless of whether it is the most correct choice. We’ve a lot to get through, better to charge ahead.

1. Project Funding: I will speak with pilot Dutch Gunner about her offer of 1B ISK towards research funding.

2. Project Dutch Gun: If funding goes through, we can begin the first exhaustive acquisition of Sleeper-related material.

  • (Phase I) Use the ISK to acquire multiple units of each known artifact recoverable in wormhole space. Phase I will focus exclusively on those regions.
    • Tasks: Create a catalogue of artifacts to recover.
    • Tasks: Research how far 1B ISK gets us per item, assuming equal numbers of items and an average price for each.
  • (Phase II) Expand to include all known Sleeper artifacts found within the regions of known space.
    • Tasks: Create a catalogue of artifacts to recover.
    • Tasks: Generate funding for acquisition.

3. Project Origin: Speak with Eifyr & Co. about current research into dating Sleeper structures and artifacts.

  • The goal is to acquire knowledge about the age of Sleeper structures and artifacts.
    • Tasks: Submit research and experiment proposals for best approaches to dating Sleeper artifacts (to this list).
    • Proposal 1 (July 11th discussion, Arek’Jaalan, Chief Architects, Stitcher, Kikia Truzhari): Researching Talocan communications systems: Given that the principles behind the construction of a fluid router don't appear to be much different between our technology and Sleeper technology, and given that we know the decay rate of particles in a quantum fluid suspension, we should be able to use salvaged fluid routers as a dating mechanism. In the event that they are not, as per your own points on "applied science", we still learn something potentially valuable.
  • Using the artifacts recovered from Phase I of Project Dutch Gun, begin a comparative analysis of Sleeper and Jovian technology.
    • Tasks: I will handle this personally.

4. Project Heaven: Make peaceful, non-aggressive inquiries into Cartel technology employed by the artifact discussed in Arek’Jaalen (ID: Sealed Research Cache)

  • Tasks: Seek out contact with known Cartel associates (capsuleers) and discuss the possibility of an exchange of information.