Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: The wiki, back-issues of current reading, and the forum

From Myxx
Subject The wiki, back-issues of current reading, and the forum
Date 113.04:36
Content So, I just thought I would notify everyone that many of the actual articles that consist of the meat of the mailing list with peoples ideas and findings has been posted to the external forum. In addition, a wiki has been created to assist in cataloging all of the information we're aware of.

I took it upon myself to create an index of many of the non-operational discussions of organization and re-organization that are located far and wide. the index is on the wiki, and proper attribution to the authors of each work has been given, both on the wiki and on their respective forum posts.

it is the general idea that the forum will receive consistent and regular updates to relevant reading for everyone to peruse without having to dig through all of the other mails.

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From Hilen Tukoss
Subject The wiki, back-issues of current reading, and the forum
Date 113.07.15 05:52
Content Greetings Myxx, and everyone,

Thanks for the work so far on documenting. It's precisely the sort of thing I had in mind. So much so that I'd arranged with Eifyr staff to begin at our end as well. Perhaps I should have advised people to hold off from creating information portals themselves when we had something in mind, but then again, perhaps having multiple networks will work in our favor. It's certainly something I'm open to discuss.

The initial foundations are being laid out now at our end and should be taking shape within the day. I'll send an update with links and information once everything is ready so that the network isn't flooded while it's still being built.

Ideally, we should have a centralized information source (and I hope the Eifyr project can achieve that), but at the same time, the more networks and data-gathering projects we have, the greater the spread of information, and the greater it's safety from attack and data loss.

Keep up the good work, pilots.