Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: The search for Valsas en Dilat

From Eliniale
Subject The search for Valsas en Dilat
Date 113.07.12 23:25
Content I started my search with Tykari in the intaki system, en Dilat's native system, where we eventually got in touch with Riveau Yol a member of the ISD*.

These were the responses we got:
[19:43:17] Riveau Yol > What is your business here, Tykari?
[19:45:25] Riveau Yol > You are in the wrong place for Valsas.
[19:46:09] Riveau Yol > He frequents the Syndicate region.
[19:47:11] Riveau Yol > I can pass the word along that he is sought. No promises however. He's elusive.

On a request to inform us if any additional information was to become available we got this:
[19:47:26] Riveau Yol > Very well.

So it seems we have to search in syndicate, which means a lot of ground to cover. Anyone living in or near that region, please keep your eyes open.

I'll let you know if any additional information turns up

  • Archiver's note - ISD here refers to the Intaki Syndicate, not the Interstellar Services Division
From Eliniale
Subject The search for Valsas en Dilat
Date 113.07.13 22:53
Content Tykari and myself spent some time tracking down the lead we got from our intaki Syndicate contact.

In essence what we did was cast out a very large net, we hope that some fish will end up in it.

We deployed several comm satellites in the area which will track any unsecure communications by Valses en Dilen, boadcasted on every regional, constellation and local channels we could, and also talked to several station dwellers in the are, requesting that they contact us if they hear anything about him, we offered to pay them (a million of isk) if they could give us any info that would lead to finding or contacting en Dilen.

Finally we also set up several contracts in the region assigned to Valses en Dilen, so his attention would most likely be caught.

So far our efforts haven't turned up any results, but if Valsas en Dilen truely frequents the region, it's only a matter of time before anything pops up.

We'll keep you posted