Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Sleeper Survival

From Kivvic
Subject Sleeper Survival
Date 113.07.12 21:10
Content Greetings members of Arek'jaalan,

This is my first posting on this mailing list so I hope my meager findings and theories are helpful.

My research into the current state of the sleepers began when I first located a Sleeper structure in W-space. Upon investigation of it I found something that seemed odd for a dead race. There were no signs of violence, no bodies or corpses, or any signs of a rushed exodos or evacuation. In short there were no signs of a people that had died off by any normal or conventional means. This led to my initial hypothesis that the Sleepers did not all die off, because such a dying culture would leave more... signs of its demise than the sleepers have. In addition to this in certain systems I have come accross such items lableled as "Quarentine" that seem to hint at some disease or other sickness, as noted by other posters on this list.

This, combined with the "common" knowlege that sleepers were masters of Cyrostasis led to the belief that is popular that the the sleepers went into stasis. But this did not seem sufficent to explain the sleepers, and their current sturcutres. So I then looked into diffrent means, primarily something that we capsuleers are quite familiar with, the infomorph. When we "die" our minds are turned into data, moved to our clone, and we reawaken, normally good as new. But the intresting thing are those instant moments between death and life, when we are nothing but data, or in otherwords the infomorph. I believe it is possible that a more advanced race, such as the sleepers, are able to stay in the data state, and would thus be able to do a wide range of things, such as control A.I. drones, browse data libraries, and more at a rate undreamed of by current flesh-bound humans.

The reasons I came to this conclusion are this: 1) The fluid routers they use seem to indicate FTL communication over long distances, something that the drones themselves would have no indivudal need for. 2) The massive static, and background noise our ship systems struggle to cope with could be explained by the mass data transfers of a race living in the infomorph. 3) It would explain certain situations that developed, such as the shattered worlds, and opening of the Anoikis. 4) It would be resonable to assume a race in statis would not choose to be inactive when they could continue activy, perhaps searching for a cure, or some truth, or something else.

I hope my theory proves useful to greater minds than mine, and I hope I am not relaying old news as well. Thank you for your time.