Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Scientific Questions

From Wyke Mossari
Subject Scientific Questions
Date 113.07.15 20:40
Content We face a number of scientific challenges in our persuit of understanding the true nature Anoikis.

I believe one of the most important questions is "Where is Anoikis?". This simple question has been the subject of intense debate and speculation which has continued unabated since the discovery of wormholes. This one question alone raises as many conjectures & theories as there are observers.

When investigating the one of the first wormholes Lianda Burreau made the statement "intracluster medium analysis on the other side has led us to strongly consider the possibility that this system resides in a galaxy other than our own"

Ancient records and oral history suggest state that "Humans arrived through a natural wormhole (into New Eden) and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located.". Many will consider this unsubstantiated rumour or mythology however it does raise a valid question.

I therefore propose that a number of Astrometrics Expeditions be undertaken into unknown Anoikis systems to engage in scientific experiments.

The objective of these expeditions will be determine the two things

1a) To make astronomic observations.
1b) To compare these observations with existing stellar catalogues.
1c) If matches are made calculate the relative position of the unknown system.
1d) Confirm or deny the 1000LY Hypothesis.
2) Perform scientific experiments to confirm the cosmological constant in wormhole systems.

Lianda Burreau
((If you consider this OOC, simply ignore this link and paragraph above or treat as unsubstantiated rumor or mythology))

((OOC: If you haven't already please my thread: Anoikis Astrometric Expedition))