Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Re-organization (Divisions)

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 113.07.14 04:31
Content As a capsuleer-dependent project, Arek’Jaalan’s structure and divisions must be flexible.

Here is a tentative outline for the division of information and research, as well as resources and manpower.

Sleeper History
Sleeper Technology
Talocan History
Talocan Technology
Ancient Races (Takmahl, Yan Jung)
Rogue Drone Research
Press / Media Relations / Information Dissemination & Distribution
Multidisciplinary (Wormhole space phenomena, wormhole study, etc)
Logistics / Administrative: (Channel staff, we also need to come up with codified guidelines for Mailing List and Channel Admins, etc)
Archiving and Documentation

From here, we need to discuss how best to organize information according to these sections. I'll prepare some ideas in the coming days, but I of course welcome other's leadership and initiative in this.

From Aldrith Shutaq
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 113.07.14 06:12
Content Might I suggest we add an ethics committee to this list?
From Othar en'gilliath
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 06:23
Content Ethics have no purpose here and there was already a big debate and it was in favor of no ethics
From Altaen
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 06:06:55
Content I won't pretend the debate didn't happen...but I'm afraid that there was no resolution, particularly one that sounds anything like "ethics have no purpose here."

I agree with Commodore Shutaq.

There is a very real risk of losing large portions of the Arek'Jaalan "collective" by stating things like "ethics have no purpose here." I certainly hope Ms En'Gilliath isn't a "representative" of the collective?

I am all for neutral, objective research. I do believe that the information of many has the capacity to be more useful than the information of a few. I'd like to think that capsuleers from many very different ideological backgrounds could work together for a common goal that is good for humanity...but that is not the same as ethics having no purpose.

If you are concerned, for example, that excluding certain groups from the project will hurt the research, what do you think will happen when you run half of us off because of some huge ethical misstep or another? We may be capsuleers...but quite a number of us govern our lives from a very strong ethical platform.

Altaen Nytarian

From Dijad Iths
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 7:30
Content Simply put, ethics in the form of excluding one faction due to their ethical inclinations, (read pirates, Sansha, slaveholders) have no place here, as stated by the channel MOTD by Hilen Tukoss. The reasoning being that keeping such information from said parties is impossible, without undue hampering of our work.
From Othar en'gilliath
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 07:48
Content Channel MOTD:

Hosted by: Eifyr & Co. Networks
Neurovisual Access: Online
VR Access: Online


This channel is for the purposes of fostering discussion between capsuleers with an interest in researching Sleeper technology and history, Talocan technology and history, Wormhole Space exploration and archiving, and related matters.

Open discussion is encouraged.

Pilots of all allegiances are allowed to participate in this project. Arek'Jaalan is an apolitical collective founded on scientific ideals alone.

THE MOTD says its self this is why I said no ethics

I digress no more spam.

From Aldrith Shutaq
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 09:03
Content The point of an ethics committee would not to try to exclude anyone nor to align with any political entities, it would be to ensure that no moral atrocities are committed during the procurement of research data in Arek'jaalan's or Mr. Tukoss's name. More importantly, we need people to ensure all knowledge gained is kept transparent and open to all peoples of New Eden so that no atrocities will follow once the research is done. Depending on what is uncovered, restricting access to the results of the project could give certain factions a great advantage over others, which would risk throwing the entire cluster into chaos.

I do not know about the rest of you, but I would rather like to ensure that your work here does not end up hurting more people than it helps.

From Mirabi Tiane
Subject Re-organization (Divisions)
Date 113.07.14 09:26
Content I for one agree that some form of ethical oversight is needed. An ethical misstep, even minor, can cause significant harm to a scientific endeavor and hinder it much more than oversight would.

It is insurance.