Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Project Dutch Gun - Phase I Catalogue 1/2

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Project Dutch Gun - Phase I Catalogue 1/2
Date 113.07.13 04:09
Content First, a recap:
In the Arek'Jaalan announcement thread on the Intergalactic Summit, the pilot DutchGunner offered 1B ISK towards initial funding of our research. Recognizing that even the most basic library of Sleeper goods is worth multiple billions, I've graciously accepted the offer, and await her reply.

My intent is to use the funding to build a library of Sleeper artifacts. Initial estimates put Phase I of the project at 670m ISK.

About ISK donations / future funding needs:
I have received other offers for donations, as well as two unsolicited ISK donations from members of the Arek'Jaalan channel. These are appreciated and noted. For the time being, however, the aim is to limit costs to essentials. Our first step should be to build a single-unit catalogue of all known artifacts, so they can be appraised, and items of interest then invested in. As projects are announced, budgeting needs will make themselves known. As every scientist will tell you, they're persistent like that.

More valuable than ISK, I suspect, is the knowledge you have collectively accumulated in your travels and exploration. Continue to share that. Information is the backbone of the Arek'Jaalan project, not ISK.

Phase I Catalogue: Single samples of each artifact.

Group I - Fullerites: 180,000 ISK
Group II - Polymers: 7,410,000 ISK
Group III - Ancient Salvage: 6,340,000 ISK
Group IV - Ancient Relics: 576,520,000 ISK
Group V - A8SE Salvage: 6,750,000 ISK
Group VI - Components: 70,100,000 ISK

A full breakdown of individual artifacts will be included in an upcoming communication.