Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: My visit

From Myyona
Subject My visit
Date 113.07.09 14:47
Content Greetings.

About a year ago I was emotionally stressed after having visited the medical facility that houses my natural born body. This is not an uncommon chain of events to me but I was heavily hit at that time. It made my mind wander, thinking about life and death which eventually lead me to speculating in humanity as a whole, which I often do, where we were coming from and where we were going.

I felt the need for an isolated place but also for clues to mankind’s history in New Eden. Wormhole space offered opportunity for both. Travelling in a Zephyr solar powered frigate I spend many weeks traversing one w-space system after another. Using the scan probing equipment of the Zephyr I tracked down many sites where I recorded what I found of remnants from the Talocan and Sleeper civilizations. Why the Sleeper guard drones, in all their territorial protectionism, never appeared to take notice of the little Zephyr I will never know.

All footage and notes were handed in to a Caldari publisher who then had the audacity to publish it all in his own name. Still, the work is out there for all to see here.

Many mysteries lies still unsolved in w-space and it is my hope that, while we might not be able to solve them all, at least get more insight on where we are coming from. It is my belief that it will help us to know where to go.

Kind regards

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject My visit
Date 113.07.12 17:13
Content Pilot Myyona,

Thank you for passing that report along. I'll be adding it to this week's reading list. At a glance, I can see the structures present inside various anomalies has been recorded. This may have value for Project Origin, if it ultimately involves taking samples from structures as well.

As for the Zephyr, I understand it is a rare ship? Something of a collector's item nowadays? How difficult and expensive would it be to acquire one for the Arek'Jaalan project? A cursory glance through the contract system (with which I'm not very familiar...) suggested none were for sale? I was surprised by that result. Am I missing something here?


From Hilen Tukoss
Subject My Visit
Date 113.07.12 17:17
Content Morwen Lagann has offered a spare Zephyr for research. My thanks to her and others who offered assistance.
From Julianus Soter
Subject My Visit
Date 113.07.12 17:27
Content I have several Zephyrs in my possession if any are required.