Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Greetings, and a question

From Julianus Soter
Subject Greetings, and a question
Date 113.07.09 13:19
Content Mr. Tukoss,

I congratulate you first on your success in finding a new home, and I wish your new research the best possible outcomes.

It has been far too long since the Seyllin event, and the resultant cosmopolitical destabilization, without substantial advances in the knowledge regarding the Sleepers and the Talocan culture. With possible Sleeper technology being arrayed against us by the Sansha, the urgency of this issue becomes all the more immediate.

while no doubt you have many questions coming your way, perhaps you could answer a question we could not in the Second Seyllin Conference.

What precisely was the significance of the Ducia Foundry facility in J235456 and the attack upon it by Sansha's Nation forces, a year and two months ago?

ISHAEKA-0013 Report

It is quite clear this was the trigger event for the incursions that would be to follow, however, no agency or government authority has cmoe forward on details of the attack. Our investigation of the star system had revealed all evidence of the incident had been wiped clean. It appears that Ducia had found something nobody else wanted us to discover.

I will be relaying this transmission to the newly-established mailing list as well. Thank you for your times and efforts.


From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Greetings, and a question
Date 113.07.12 17:06
Content My work on Project Dutch Gun is taking up most of my time today, but I plan to study the Seyllin Conference logs forwarded last night during this week. As soon as I have a better understanding of what was discussed, and in what context, I'll be able to address this mail.

I may not be able to offer much information, if any, but I will see to what I can.


From Julianus Soter
Subject Greetings, and a question
Date 113.07.12 17:38
Content I will provide a short summary here, of the Ishaeka 13 report, and the various evidence accumulated from the news media.

Sansha forces somehow infiltrated, located, and attacked a Amarr Empire-affiliated Ducia Foundry mining facility inside of w-space, in the system J235456.

These same sansha forces were then spotted exiting a wormhole into the Pure Blind region, specifically, the SOE HQ system. According to the ishaeka reports, leaked to the Synenose Accord and Moira via anonymous source within the Inner Circle, these vessels then deployed and fled through deep space.

An SOE team was alerted to the situation and investigated J235456. They discovered the Ducia Facility, but noticed no signs of destructive weapons fire, only that the entire crew, to the man, was abducted from the facility. No other evidence was reported.

Directly follinwg this particular attack, Sansha's Nation forces invaded the Renyn, Frarn, and other systems in Empire space, using hitherto-unknown wormhole technology, deploying their wormholes into planetary low orbit, deploying heavy combat forces through them. This would become the start of what we term the Nation War of Resurgence.

The causality appears to be clear. It seems that the Sansha discovered a piece of technology, or perhaps a resource, at the Ducia facility, which is what triggered the attack, and the abduction of the crew of the facility. Using this newfound power, Kuvakei was able to launch strikes into the heart of secure space, in force, and begin a long, bloody campaign of resurgence.

THis Sleeper technology may very well be the solution to many of our questions and problems, both theoretical, and practical. It is one I have been pondering deeply for quite some time. I was hoping, Dr. Tukoss, you might illuminate us on the incident.