Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: FW: First Antem Incursion: Covert Operation

From Julianus Soter
Subject FW: First Antem Incursion: Covert Operation
Date 113.07.12 02:48
Content --------------------------------

First Antem Incursion: Covert Operation
From: Julianus Soter
Sent: 2011.07.12 02:44
To: Hilen Tukoss,

[07:32:14] Melleia > Their hate blinds them.
[07:33:17] Citizen Astur > Master seeks liberation at this time. We must remain covert.
[07:34:05] Ghost Hunter > I am attempting to observe for possible Combat Scanner Probes, there is some interference admist the many Control Towers.
[07:34:51] Citizen Astur > Yes, we should all remain vigilant. There are threats beyond the coalition that rallies against our cause.
[07:35:17] Drake Arson > We will engage all targets on sight, then.
[07:36:29] Ghost Hunter > Helios detected.
[07:36:37] Ghost Hunter > Combat Scanner Probes confirmed.
[07:37:06] Ghost Hunter > Caution: Multiple Capital-ship response is likely if they are actively seeking out the Archon-class.
[07:37:29] Citizen Astur > Acknowledged. Be aware, 2 Remote Armor Repair and 1 Shield Transporter available. Transporter will only reach 15km.
[07:38:07] Melleia > Will you allow me to orbit your Archon-class @ 10km, Sister?
[07:38:16] Citizen Astur > Yes, Sister.
[07:38:21] Melleia > Thank you.
[07:38:23] Citizen Astur > I am here to assist only.
[07:39:12] Ghost Hunter > Helios unaccounted for, probes unaccounted for. It is possible it is observing us now.
[07:39:56] Citizen Astur > More of our people move closer to the surface. Portal 2 reports launch of first wave dropships.
[07:40:35] Ghost Hunter > Acknowledged.
[07:41:00] Citizen Astur > We must safeguard this portal. Master has asked me to oversee this personally.
[07:41:21] Melleia > Understood.
[07:41:27] Ghost Hunter > No matter the cost, it will be done.
[07:44:36] Ghost Hunter > Interloper eliminated. < He blinks > Would you like the corpse, sister?
[07:45:35] Citizen Astur > Perhaps you should return the corpse to him. Put it on contract.
[07:45:44] Melleia > ((oh snap))
[07:45:51] Citizen Astur > /emote smiles. "Send him a note, explain why he died."
[07:46:25] Herjaza > it shall be done
[07:46:56] Ghost Hunter > I will do so after the operation, then. Perhaps they may even see the opportunity possible.
[07:47:43] Citizen Astur > Portal 2 reports 400,000.
[07:48:19] Melleia > Glorious news, Sister.
[07:48:47] Citizen Astur > Dropship squadron 17 has been redirected personally by Master to an unknown location on the surface. We are to hold this portal.
[07:49:23] Melleia > Will Master be making an appearance in this system, Sister?
[07:50:08] Ghost Hunter > He is here with us in our unity, sister Melleia.
[07:50:21] Melleia > Of course, Masters is always with us.
[07:52:31] Ghost Hunter > Humorous. A Domination Control Tower nicknamed "The Cemetery". An appropriate name given its creators.
[07:54:36] Melleia > I must apologize, I do not know the background behind the Dominations.
[07:55:24] Ghost Hunter > They are the command division of the Angel Cartel - the epitome of all things evil in human nature.
[07:55:56] Melleia > ah, understood, thank you
[07:56:25] Melleia > Might I inquire as to our progress, Sister Astur?
[07:56:38] Citizen Astur > Brother Ation has arrived. He will escort cargo from Dropship Squadron 17 through our portal.
[07:56:44] Citizen Astur > Hold our position.
[07:57:28] Melleia > Understood, thank you.
[07:59:21] Citizen Astur > Cargo secured.
[07:59:35] Drake Arson > I apologize. I had locked Brother Ation without realisign who it was.
[07:59:44] Weynard > o7
[07:59:59] Citizen Astur > /emote smiles.
[08:00:19] Weynard > Greetings, Citizen Astur.
[08:00:26] Citizen Astur > We have done well.
[08:01:02] Citizen Astur > Portal 2 is launching a second wave. Planetside resistance is negligible.
[08:01:02] Weynard > Oh did I miss something again?
[08:01:15] Melleia Brother Weynard, Antem Solar System
[08:01:24] Melleia > ...Sister*
[08:01:27] Weynard > omw
[08:01:28] Ghost Hunter > We are underway in Antem, covert operation.
[08:01:46] Ghost Hunter > Notify: The previous Covert Ops pilot has returned.
[08:01:46] Melleia > ((sorry, didn't have portrait downloaded))
[08:02:19] Citizen Astur > Master says we have achieved the primary objective.
[08:02:27] Weynard > ((np)) Bringing my Dramiel class
[08:03:06] Citizen Astur > One that I am sure we will better understand in time.
[08:03:26] Drake Arson > Understood.
[08:03:39] Citizen Astur > It would appear Master came for two things, after all.
[08:04:16] Ghost Hunter > So long as Master acquires what He wishes, I am satisfied.
[08:04:32] Melleia > For Nation
[08:05:11] Citizen Astur > Portal 2 squadrons are returning.
[08:05:30] Weynard > Do you guys have a fleet up? I noticed the other capsuleers didn't find out yet
[08:05:38] Ghost Hunter > Yes.
[08:05:39] Drake Arson > This is Covert.
[08:06:25] Weynard > Thanks
[08:06:28] Citizen Astur > 500,000.
[08:06:37] Drake Arson > Master will be pelased.
[08:06:59] Citizen Astur > /emote smiles, relieved. "We have done well."
[08:07:18] Melleia > 500,000 total, or 500,000 + the previous 400,000, Sister?
[08:07:22] Drake Arson > Yes. What was the cargo, if I am allowed to ask?
[08:07:32] Melleia > o/
[08:07:50] Citizen Astur > 900,000. Portal 2 is at full capacity. Wormhole closing shortly.
[08:07:58] Drake Arson > Nevermind.
[08:08:05] Melleia > Master will be pleased.
[08:08:20] Drake Arson > This will bolster our forces immensely.
[08:09:16] Ghost Hunter > If I may, sister Astur, please pass on our welcoming to Nation to them.
[08:09:39] Citizen Astur > /emote smiles. "I will do that."
[08:10:25] Drake Arson > Welcome, Brother Ation. I apologize for my locking accident earlier.
[08:10:33] Citizen Astur > Brother Ation, tell them what you have told Nation.
[08:10:35] Weynard > 4 out... That system must sure be a lonely place...
[08:10:58] Melleia > Hello Brother Antion.
[08:11:55] Slave Ation09 > Cartesian Temporal Coordinator. GridLoc: 3.1098:BS Antem IV.
[08:12:35] Weynard > ((Ugh I dropped... reinvite plz))
[08:12:43] Citizen Astur > /emote smiles. "And what did you find it inside?"
[08:13:45] Slave Ation09 A vessel: NATION
[08:14:09] Citizen Astur > Thank you, Brother. You may return as you please.
[08:15:09] Citizen Astur > Master has asked that I return. We must meet with him.
[08:15:17] Melleia > An interesting find, at the very least.
[08:15:41] Melleia > Thank you Sister
[08:15:55] Citizen Astur > /emote bows slightly. "Thank you, all."
[08:16:01] Drake Arson > Thank you, master.
[08:16:04] Weynard > o7