Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: External Dissucssion Forum

From Grideris
Subject External Discussion Forum
Date 113.07.14 09:37
Content Greetings Pilots

With the help of Nathan Jameson, we've established an external discussion forum for the project. I encourage all of you to register and contribute to the discussion there. It can be found here.

((There is also a wiki in the works, also thanks to Nathan. More on that when it's ready*))

Please note that new accounts require approval by an Administrator, so access is not instant. If you encounter any problems, please contact me ASAP.


  • Archivist's Note: Wiki has been replaced by this one.
From Myyona
Subject External Discussion Forum
Date 113.07.14 10:45
Content This is very much appreciated and needed, if I may add. Thank you.