Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W1: Arek'Jaalan Information Network

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Arek'Jaalan Information Network
Date 113.07.15 13:18
Content Greetings all,

As mentioned earlier, initial work has begun on laying the foundations for a centralized information sharing network.

You can find the results of the first day's work at the following links:

Arek'Jaalan Home Page
Arek'Jaalan Research Divisions

The Research Divisions page is still heavily under construction, but the bare bones are now laid out. Those interested in taking on the role of a Project Lead should begin fleshing out their respective division's pages. The structure and organization of the division pages may require some discussion beforehand, although we can always re-structure as we progress as well. I wholeheartedly welcome the input of those who have opinions on best practices when it comes to these things.

Lastly, things will almost certainly remain quite messy for a while as we first begin, but with time, and a roster of archivists and documenters, it should begin to take a better shape.

I will be available for assistance, questions, and general banter later today, around 23:00 onwards.