Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W17: Fw: Compass Project Anokis Black hole Mass

From Pat Irvam
Subject Compass Project Anokis Black hole Mass
Date 113.11.01 13:49
Content Hello Mark,

I based my finding on the principle of gravitational radius theory ( r= 2*Gm*m/c^2) also known as Schwarzschild radius.

To find the radius of the black hole in anokis I used the pulses of light coming off the hole to estimate the diameter of the event horizon.

The number I came up with was aproxamately one light second diameter.

Pluging it in:
149,896,229 m = ( 2 * 6.674x10^-11 N(m/kg)^2 * m) / 8.987551787x10^16 m/s
1.334800x10^-10 N(m/kg)^2 * m = 1.347200x10^25 m*m/s
m = 1.009290x10^35 kg

A typical star weighs in at 1.98892x10^30 kg

So the blackhole is aproxamately 50,445.63 stellar masses.

This would make the black hole an intermediate-mass black hole supporting your theory of anokis being a halo with the other evidence you have collected and dispelling the questions on anokis being in the center of the galaxy because this is not a supermassive black hole. Additionaly this dispels concerns that a supermassive black hole on the periphery of new eden would cause gravittational instability in the cluster and allows anokis to be located closer to the new eden cluster. However because it is larger then a stellar black hole it adds credibility to the black hole being the center of the anokis cluster although further research would need to be done to prove that the black hole is a singular anomaly for which all black hole anokis systems are observing from different vantage points.

These types of black holes (IMBH) are too massive to be formed by the collapse of a single star, which is how stellar black holes are thought to form. Their environments lack the extreme conditions—i.e., high density and velocities observed at the centers of galaxies—which seemingly lead to the formation of supermassive black holes. There are three popular formation scenarios for IMBHs. The first, is the merging of stellar mass black holes and other compact objects by means of accretion. The second one is the runaway collision of massive stars in dense stellar clusters and the collapse of the collision product into an IMBH. The third is that they are primordial black holes formed in the big bang.

Also of note it appears the sleepers or talocan were studying these phenomenon as the effects of anokis anomolies increase with WH class and by proxy development. Finally it could be theorized that the destruction of the eve gate was caused by the black hole cutting the connection as it moved around the center of the new eden galaxy, although this theory would require a lot more work and observations which is beyond my capabilities.

I have not participated with arek'jaalan on this level before so I am sending these results to you for  disimination in the appropriate circles and as supporting eveidence to your halo theory. Additionally you are always welcome to continue your research in our class 4 system locus id j103228 with routine acess to class 3 anokis systems. Once the updated carera drones have been aquired from empire I will send you updated captures from both class 4 and several other wormholes we run into.

Fly safe.

From Mark726
Subject Compass Project Anokis Black hole Mass
Date 113.11.01 15:22
Content Fellow pilots,

Below is a message sent to me from a pilot who has found the radius and mass of the black hole prevalent in a number of Anoikis systems. I found that his analysis was inventive and thorough, and I wanted to make sure that it was available for anyone who might find it useful.


From Planetary Genocide
Subject Compass Project Anokis Black hole Mass
Date 113..11.01 16:20
Content Interesting, though I'm not sure whether the assumption that all black hole Anoikis systems are within visual range of the same black hole is a sound one. Still, interesting to read.