Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W16: Acquisition Division: Alternative Listing for the Site One Materials

From The Antiquarian
Subject Acquisition Division: Alternative Listing for the Site One Materials
Date 113.10.23 12:42
Content Greetings,

On behalf of the Arek’Jaalan Acquisition Division, we wanted to thank you for all your hard work. It has been almost a week since the launch of the Site One construction project and we have acquired most of the materials. Although the progress has slowed down lately, we envision the collection effort to be over within a week or so and we will certainly meet the deadline set by the Republic.

There has been some “political instability” that has kept Dr. Tukoss occupied for the past several days. As such, Morwen Lagann has kindly formulated a listing where the Arek’Jaalan Acquisition Division could estimate the most up-to-date figures on the items collected. The Alternative Listing will provide the most recent stock of the items to the users and also prevent redundancies. In order to provide the most accurate figures for the community, we need your help:

1) If you have contracted any materials to Hilen Tukoss, but he hasn’t accepted them, please either a) copy the contract, attach, and send the message to The Antiquarian or b) cancel the contract and contract to The Antiquarian, the materials with the heading entitled “Site One Materials.”
2) Once we receive the message or accept the contracts, we will update those figures on the Alternative Listing. Subsequently, those items contracted will be contracted to Hilen Tukoss on a 14 day basis.
3) If the items are contracted to The Antiquarian, we will “bundle up” the items into one batch and contract to Hilen Tukoss. We will also notify each individuals with their share of contributions to the Project so he could give proper credits.

If you are concerned about the security and control, we at the Acquisition Division, has already managed half dozen of contracts for individual capsuleers and corporations and contracted them to Dr. Tukoss on their behalf. We hope that this adds some assurance.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
Arek’Jaalan Acquisition Division