Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W16: Abstract: Project Trinity

From Julianus Soter
Subject Abstract: Project Trinity
Date 113.10.24 15:58
Content Paper: Project Trinity: Operation Trinity

Lead Researcher: Julianus Soter
Contributors: General Stargazer, Moira. Corporation

Operation Trinity was the in-field reconnaissance operation to gather experimental evidence to prove or deny the Trinity Hypothesis, part of Project Trinity. Conducted inside of class 4 space, the operation utilized military and scientific vessels to investigate Trinary Hub facilities in order to determine whether they held any similarity to the trinary data structure discovered on Lianda Burreau's Helios, in class six space.

A trinary hub was investigated and the Sleeper databanks located at the structure were hacked. Data analyzers were applied to all artifacts and signals captured from the facility to compare with a Jovian Trinary Data fragment acquired from Admiral Ouria's Eidolon battleship. Correlations were collected and indicate possible relationships between Jovian and Sleeper data structures. Additional conclusions may be possible with assistance with Eifyr and Co.