Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W15: Capsuleer Resources

From Alextrasa Zurman
Subject Capsuleer Resources
Date 113.10.18 23:39
Content Good eve Arek Jalaan enthusiasts

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion in exactly what, how and when a capsuleer can give aid to the project. I have therefore taken it upon myself to aid in organising and co-ordination the efforts of you capsuleers willing to risk isk, life and time in the persuit of this projects goal.

My eventual goal is to be able to organise expeditions, small fleets with a given mission aiding the project in it's aquisitions and co-ordinationg industrial efforts in production.

Such expeditions could involve exploring historical sites of interest such as the labrynth, exploiting wormholes in an organised fashion, perhaps even venturing on incursions in order to hold the forces off long enough to examine the wormhole creation processes.

The co-ordination consisting of examining the required needs and quantifying those needs into a slot format which capsuleers could be invited to or offer to fullfill.

With the deadline for site one looming I aim to tackle the problem of co-ordinating the industrial side of things first.

Therefore what now follows is a questionairre, if you could take a moment to read through the example given, fill in your details and send the result to myself, then I can get started with this endevour. I would like to point out that while I will be aiming to offer some form of isk reward for efforts rendered, at this time it is mearly an information gathering exersice and participation is ENTIRELY voluntery. give as much or as little information as you wish to, but beare in mind the less information I have the less I have to work with.

I thank you in Advance for your co-operaition in this
We do science, so we can learn, we learn so we can make the most of our potential.


NAme: Alextrasa Zurman
Interests: PI, Wormhole exploration, Incursions, missioning
Flyable Ships: Gallante frigates, cruisers, BS, AF, SC, Retriever, Itty 3, Noctis
Roles: Combat, Exploration
Combat Ability: tackle, Drone, DPS (Please add if you would be willing to FC here)
Industrial Ability: PI 5 planets 4th level command upgrade, Some invention, good research skill,
Availability: (in EVE time) mon - thur 10am - 3am
Any other relevant information: Willing to learn and share fits and methods, looking to get into industrial production

I re-iterate here: Only give reliable times and only mention what you are willing to commit to the endevours of the Project
Thank you for your time