Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W14: Site Construction Project: Eram

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Site Construction Project: Eram
Date 113.10.12 14:18
Content Acquisition begins: 12.10.113

Acquisition ends: 8.11.113
Construction begins: 10.11.113
Construction finishes: 30.11.113

  • The Republic has offered to house the site in Eram and provide security if it can be built before the next local military funding cycle. If we cannot complete material acquisition before funding is reorganized, there is a chance the Republic may not be able to make the same offer afterwards.
  • If materials are not gathered in time, the site may be relocated to a nearby low security system. A likely candidate is Ennur, 5 jumps from Eram.

Further details such as material needs and acquisition protocol can be found here.


From Aidan Brooder
Subject Site Construction Project: Eram
Date 113.10.18 21:49
Content Dr Tukoss,

After some discussion with the leading production sites and industrialists helping with this project, I suggested we should follow a milestone plan to follow with the Site One project, which found the agreement of the capsuleers involved in the debate.

Some of the resources, even with the involvement of more capsuleers are hard to come by within the context of the deadline, but will only be relevant at later project stages.

It is unlikely e.g. that we will need the full number of super-computers during hull construction of the station itself.

If you could convince the Republic that we will provide the necessary resources in stages matching with their anticipated installation in the grander scheme of the project plan, this would be of tremendous help to the Site One project as a whole.

Best Regards,
Aidan Brooder