Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W14: Shattered Planet Report

From Leedha Lemour
Subject Shattered Planet Report
Date 113.10.14 13:08
Content The Shattered Planet Report makes the statement
"ten “main sequence anomalies” on the day of the Seyllin Incident, meaning that there should in fact be ten shattered planets in k-space"

However this is an unjustified assertion. It assumes that the main sequence anomalie MUST shatter the planet, but that is not justified. A planet might survive the anomaly for many reason. The examples being The Inverse Square Rule of Energy Dissipation and the protective action of the Magnetosphere. There are undoubtedly other possible explainations.

Understanding why some planets were not shattered in main sequence systems might provide a glimer of hope about protection planets from any similar events in the future.

From Rhavas
Subject Shattered Planet Report
Date 113.10.14 17:43
Content This is a reasonable clarification; thanks for making it. Please be aware that the Shattered Planets page is still very much under construction, and the "other planets"/ten anomaly portion is the most speculative of all.My goal with Tesseract (and more participation is welcomed!) is to have Eifyr examine the data and prove ... Or disprove ... Just such ideas. As the page currently notes, there was a statement made by a supposed CONCORD employee - veracity of this is also something I have asked Eifyr to investigate - to the effect that these thre anomalies were not in those systems but in fact outside the gate network.That said, until proof or conclusion of official sources is complete, I agree this is an open question.