Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W14: Call for Research Paper Abstracts

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.13 20:36
Content Although we are still in the early stages of negotiation, it looks as though we may be able to use Site One in Eram to house abstracts for various research papers. Ideally, in the long term, we want to house the papers themselves as well, but publishing concerns will mean that's still a fair ways off. In the meantime, however, perhaps we can get started by publishing abstracts for our fellow capsuleers.

As a way to prepare, I'd like to request research paper abstracts for the following projects, to be handed to me sometime over the next four weeks. Abstracts should be sent to me personally. I will compiled them on our networks at a later date. If you need assistance with their drafting, or have any questions, don't hesistate to contact me.

Dutch Gun
Common Ground
Electric Sheep
Huntress Green
Infernal Spade

The template is outlined below.

Note: If you are in a project with multiple leads / contributors, make sure to include them all. Let's try and get these right the first time around, as editing will be impossible after a certain point.


Paper: Name of Paper
Lead Researcher: Name/s of lead researchers.
Contributors: Name/s of contributors.
Summary: For the summary, you are effectively writing an abstract. An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger body of work. For experimental research, your abstract should include the scope, purpose, results (predicted, if not observed) and conclusion of your work. For non-experimental and theoretical papers, please include the thesis, background and conclusion of your work.

These abstracts serve as brief overviews, and must be relatively short in length. We will be operating under various hard limitations when publishing this information, so there are no exceptions to this rule.

As a guide, this entire template I’ve written out here is about 50% of the maximum size. So if your abstract is three times as large as this, it’s too big. I’m happy to work with people and review abstracts, so don’t be too concerned about size, just be aware that it’s a factor we can’t work around.


From Myyona
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.15 06:57
Content A bit of clarification, if you please.

Are paper names supposed to be the exact same as the project name and is the expectation to only have one paper for each project?

I have structured my projects in such a way that it allows for more papers to be released on each, as having just one paper seems a bit limited when the topics are so wide.


From Planetary Genocide
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.15 07:06
Content Perhaps an overarching abstract that details the goals of your project as a whole, with each separate sub-project having its own paper and abstract? The overarching paper can be merely an abstract + table of contents/index in that case, if that works for Dr. Tukoss?
From Ollie Rundle
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.16 03:28
Content As Hilen Tukoss has already stated, abstracts are a simple and succinct summary of the scientific method, design and findings of a paper. The aim of the abstract is to provide a tool for the development of a focused list of papers for researchers who might wish to then look at such a list in more detail - in essence it prevents them having to wade word-for-word through megapulses of data that might well prove irrelevant to their own research.

Combining this with a table of contents - within the same document - only serves to dilute the function of the abstract. It also limits the summary information the abstract can provide by taking valuable space away from its overall word count - a word count that currently has a hard limit set on it, as per Tukoss.

As part of the Administration/Logistics branch I would make the suggestion that we keep the two concepts separate for these very reasons. I would add that it is entirely acceptable, however, for each individual paper within a multi-paper project to have their own abstract while the project's 'hub page' within the library contains a table of contents link to each. I acknowledge that this may well have been what Planetary Genocide was suggesting, but I wasn't 100% certain.

-- -- Arek'Jalaan // Logistics & Administration Lead -- SYNE // Investigative Officer

From Planetary Genocide
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.16 13:57
Content While that wasn't exactly what I was suggesting, your solution would work much better (plus it is close enough in concept that there is no real major difference). So yes, run with that.
From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.17 20:42
Content To clarify:

Paper names can be whatever the author likes. Really, I meant to say Project Name there, so that I could tell what project the abstract was referring to. However, people can provide paper names too if they like. I imagine if we get closer to actually publishing all this work then we'll formalize a naming convention and bother about the details then.

Put simply: Name your paper as you like, but also mention what project it relates to in case the name doesn't make it obvious.

From Aidan Brooder
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.10.18 21:49
Content Dr Tukoss,

After some discussion with the leading production sites and industrialists helping with this project, I suggested we should follow a milestone plan to follow with the Site One project, which found the agreement of the capsuleers involved in the debate.

Some of the resources, even with the involvement of more capsuleers are hard to come by within the context of the deadline, but will only be relevant at later project stages.

It is unlikely e.g. that we will need the full number of super-computers during hull construction of the station itself.

If you could convince the Republic that we will provide the necessary resources in stages matching with their anticipated installation in the grander scheme of the project plan, this would be of tremendous help to the Site One project as a whole.

Best Regards,
Aidan Brooder

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Call for Research Paper Abstracts
Date 113.11.02 18:31
Content Greetings all.

If you have not provided an abstract so far, you have only a few more days left to do so. I will not be able to accept any new abstracts for inclusion in the first deployment to Site One after this Friday, the 4th of November. As that should imply, there will be future deployments to Site One (we've only had about 20% submission rates on abstracts so far, if that).

Please also be aware that submissions this close to the deadline will likely still require further editing. If your abstract is edited, and you cannot review the edit in time, the abstract will be published regardless.

If you are particularly intent on signing off on every change, please let me know. In that instance, we will delay publication if you cannot be found in time and we wish to make changes to your abstract.

If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Progress update:

The following abstracts have been finalized: Tesseract, Theseus, Common Ground.
The following are undergoing editing (and should be back to their authors tomorrow): Astrosurvey, Trinity, Algintal, Infernal Spade, Enigma, Catapult
The following have been sent back to their authors for approval on editing changes: Blueprint

No other abstracts have been submitted as of this update.