Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W14: Acquisition Division - A Humble Plea

From The Antiquarian
Subject Acquisition Division - A Humble Plea
Date 113.10.12 16:53
Content Greetings,

We are almost nearing the completion of acquiring the needed materials for the "Site One" of Arek'Jaalan Project. We are still in need of the following items:

Construction Blocks x 250,000
Coolant x 135,000
Nanites x 100,000
Synthetic Oil x 450,000
Water-Cooled CPU x 800,000
Supercomputers x 50,000

and most importantly,

Heuristic Selfassemblers x 50,000.

We all know the value of this project. We implore you to contact your vast networks in order to obtain the missing items. Please kindly contact the WH dwellers so we can get the heuristic selfassemblers as well. Lets finish the acquisition stage so Dr. Tukoss and his team can start working on the construction of the site ASAP.

Kind regards,
Arek'Jaalan Acquisition Division