Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W13: Funding and Payments

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Funding and Payments
Date 113.10.06 19:08
Content In the interest of operating as transparently as possible, I'm relaying the first "real" Arek'Jaalan finance report. The numbers are fairly simple. Funding requirements on the capsuleer level are nowhere near as intricate and convoluted as the paperwork involved with baseliners, thankfully.

To explain the numbers below: We originally had quite a few capsuleers express an interest in the Chief Archivist positions (our only paid positions in the A'J project). Despite this, and despite quite an abundance of work for them to dive into, only two have managed to earn their monthly pay.

Because of this, and because so many others have contributed to their own and other's work in just the way we envisaged the CA position would, that allocated pay is being redistributed amongst various contributors.

This may be a once-off until further CAs are hired, or we may decide to continue with this "split method" and formalize the process a little more than things will be this first time. Although I am sure some may feel left out, please understand that in time we can certainly come up with a more consistent, verifiable process - assuming this is the path we'd rather take. We can discuss this tomorrow.

Funding as of Oct. 6th, 113
Morwen Lagann: 500m (Base Chief Archivist Salary + Bonus) for exemplary CA work. We need to clone Ms. Lagann, if possible.
Akasha Prime: 200m (Base CA Salary) for maintaining active presence and moderate contributions to AD work.

Authochthonian: 300m for exemplary research documentation in the Rogue Drones division.
Myyona: 200m for exemplary research documentation in the Ancient Races division.
The Antiquarian: 200m for exemplary organizational documentation in the Acquisitions division.
Valerie Valate: 200m for exemplary research documentation with Project Theseus, our first finalized paper!
Darveses: 50m for exemplary organizational documentation in the Ethics Committee
Jinx: 50m for exemplary organizational with the Arek'Jaalan Compendium.

Qansh, Rek Jaiga, Zephyr Song and Lazarus Liang will be paid the CA severance package of 10m each.

This comes to a total of 1,740,000,000 ISK for archivist work done so far.
Available funds after payments will be 1,350,000,000.

Future funding for archivist work will be a topic for tomorrow's meeting.