Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W13: Ancient Races Update

From Myyona
Subject Ancient Races Update #4
Date 113.10.06 20:54
Content Greetings.

Sadly I cannot participate in tomorrows meeting but prefer letting my work do the talking instead.

The Ancient Races group has finished up on the article regarding the history of the Jovian Empires. More articles are planned on the Jovians.
Also, we have concluded a study of the Devil's Dig Site complex in the Otitoh system. This location houses the only known ancient relics belonging to the Talocan civilizations out side of w-space.
This article will be added to the Talocan History section where it belongs.

We would like to remind people to keep in mind that the deadspace location your agent might be sending you out to clear of a rogue drone infestation or smuggler group might have had a different purpose long time ago. Those wrecked odd looking space shuttles and debris came from somewhere.

Best regards