Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W12: Unresolved questions and possible answers

From Valerie Valate
Subject Unresolved questions and possible answers
Date 113.09.25 20:54
Content As you may know, a document that I had sent to some associates was leaked to the gutter press. I was displeased.

The document related to our investigation of some individuals that we had recovered from space, namely an individual claiming to be "Professor Delainen", who was apparently also being questioned by some other people.

What we had found out, was information relating to the background of the real Professor Delainen, and some information about the nature of these individuals calling themselves Professor Delainen.

The real Professor Delainen vanished, many years ago. He was scheduled to turn up at his laboratory, but never did, and his bank accounts were emptied. Investigation by the authorities at the time revealed nothing.

Almost 4 years ago, in the last month of YC109/beginning of YC110, evidence appeared, that suggested Professor Delainen was alive, then as part of a research project led by a Dr. Lamia Calus, the individual that appeared to be Professor Delainen was coerced into assisting.

What happened next, was a series of curious incidents, involving Professor Delainen turning into a cloud of nanites and infesting not one, but two spaceships - a ship that was part of Dr. Calus' project, and a battleship named "Solar Cinder". These ships were destroyed by capsuleer forces initially tasked with assisting Dr Calus

The evidence for this story, was presented to us by a pilot involved in these incidents, in the form of records and shiplogs.

[ 2008.01.18 19:27:12 ] Message > Delainen: I can't go with you, I'm afraid. I have some new friends here. They like me. They don't bother me. I help them. They help me. You cannot imagine the things I have discovered, free from human interference. Now, I'd advise you to go away.
[ 2008.01.18 21:08:29 ] Message > Delainen-ROM Symbiote: You puny humans have no sense of humor.
[ 2008.01.19 01:03:23 ] Message > Delainen-Solar Cinder entity: You are persistent, for a human! Commendable. But no living creature in the universe is as persistent as a machine. Now, meet your Maker

Records: [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]

That appears to be the historical story.

Now then, the question is, who or what are these individuals that my corporation recovered from a shipwreck?

We had at one point, 2 of them, and they appeared identical. One was required for other purposes.
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So, the unresolved questions are:
If Professor Delainen was killed nearly 4 years ago, then who are these persons?
If Professor Delainen was not killed 4 years ago, then who was? And who are these persons we're encountering now? Why are there so many of them? Multiple clones are illegal under galactic law.
The Professor mentioned in the records and logs has a quite different sense of humour to the ones interviewed, and the nature of his connection to the drone hive is different as well. Why is this?

So, possible answers:
It is our belief that Professor Delainen was not killed 4 years ago, he was killed when he originally vanished, and all individuals claiming to be him, are impostors.
These impostors are created by someone or something that seeks to deceive or otherwise manipulate the scientific community, including Arek'jaalan.
The identity of the creator of these impostors, is unknown. We identify 4 main possibilities:
1. A megacorporation involved in drone and AI research
2. A governmental covert operation
3. Jovian practical jokers
4. The Rogue Drones themselves, having assimilated the original Delainen, and now using copies to study humans with. This is probably the most disturbing possibility, and has previously only been encountered in horror films such as "Meat Puppets of the Rogue Drones".

This is what we found out, as a result of a chance encounter with persons in a shipwreck in Niarja. Baffling.