Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W11: Takmahl technology research

From Valerie Valate
Subject Takmahl technology research
Date 113.09.17 16:27
Content Hello

Following on from Project Theseus. I have been doing some preliminary research into the Takmahl derived devices, and have made some outline discoveries, detailed below:

Armour Plates - add as much mass as plain Tech1, but use less cpu and power than any other. They are equivalent to t2 plates in how much reinforcement to the armour they give.
Armour Repairers - repair as much as t2, but use a lot less cpu and power.
Capacitor Batteries - increased energy storage, less cpu use, less power use than any other
Energy Transfer arrays - same performance as T2, uses a LOT more cap. uses less cpu, less power
Capacitor boosters - generally no better than t1 variants
Reactor control - same power increase as t2, less CPU use
Capacitor relay - better than t2 cap recharge, less cpu use.
Capacitor flux coil - less cpu use, recharge same as t2

The most interesting results so far, have been in the Energy Transfer arrays, which show that the Takmahl technologies are rather inefficient in that application, and the capacitor boosters, where there is little or no performance increase over tech1 devices.

In general, the Takmahl-derived devices appear to use less of the ships power and computing resources than standard modules, and offer performance that is broadly similar to tech2 devices.

I will be writing a more detailed report later. If people have insights they wish to share, then I invite them to do so.

From Myyona
Subject Takmahl technology research
Date 113.09.18 08:24
Content This is certainly a good approach as it might uncover exactly what is the technical benefits of applying Takmahl components in modern day designs. This can clarify what and where we are gaining something substantial from using these components and where we are gaining practically nothing. This will allow us to be more specific in determining what the purpose of the Takmahl components originally were.