Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W10: Rogue Drone Division Update 4

From authochthonian
Subject Rogue Drone Division Update 4
Date 113.09.12 11:47
Content Greetings,

The last week or so has been a productive one here at the Rogue Drone division, the research and analysis of all Rogue Drone Alloys, Compounds and Components has now been completed and published, it can be viewed at Rogue Drone Materials & Components Analysis.

The research and analysis of Drone Class Rogue Drones has now been completed and finalised, the official findings have been published and can be viewed over on the Rogue Drone Database. After the research team has had a short break we will begin next on Frigate Class Rogue Drones, hopefully the first will be available by the end of the week whereafter we are aiming to produce a report every couple of days. The next update will be posted once we have completed the Frigate Class category, excluding any unknown events that may occur before then obviously.

Kind Regards

Lead Researcher
Arek'Jaalan Rogue Drone Division