Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W10: Arek'Jaalan Acquisition Division Week 7-9

From The Antiquarian
Subject Arek'Jaalan Acquisition Division Week 7-9
Date 113.09.16 16:47
Content Greetings,

It's been nearly a month since the last time we have sent out the update. For those who are new to the Arek'Jaalan Project, we represent the Arek'Jaalan's Acquisition Division. We are entrusted with the acquisition, safekeeping, and distribution of artifacts and materials associated with the Sleepers, Ancient Races, and WH space. For the past two months, we acquired a sizable collection of assets through the munificence of the fellow capsuleers and have supplied various artifacts amounting to billions to help with the ongoing researches.

Our goal is to build a complete collection of all the artifacts relevant to the Arek'Jaalan Project and be able to supply the items to the appropriate research divisions with seamless efficiency. As such, we are still in need of your generous support. Please kindly take a look at the Inventory Listing and see how you can help!

At the moment, we are still in the process of acquiring drone-related items for the Project Rho of the Rogue Drone Research Division. Although the Project was initiated a month ago, we are still running short of items for the Project to fully realize its potential. As such, please contact us if you have any spare drone related items lying around in your inventory.

Also, we wanted to assuage your fear regarding the Project Macaper's Eye. The Project Lead, Myxx, contacted us with the possible return of the Aurora Ominae BPC.

Please feel free to contact me with advices, questions, or concerns.

Kind regards,
Arek'Jaalan Acquisition Division