Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W10: A'J: MIRD - Interview with Rhavas

From Myrhial Arkenath
Subject A'J: MIRD - Interview with Rhavas
Date 113.09.15 16:41
Content [ Link ]

Above link will take you to my public logs where I hosted an interview with Rhavas, on behalf of the MIRD. Rhavas may be well known to some of you already due to his work in the Multidisciplinary division. Newcomers to Arek'Jaalan, or members of other divisions may however find this an educational resource.

Should there be others interested in an interview after reading this, do not hesitate to take up contact. I'm happy to draft up questions for you, or alternatively you can submit a piece you have prepared on your own to me.

Feedback on this article is very much appreciated. Simply send me an evemail, the same goes for remaining questions and other remarks.

- Myrhial Arkenath, on behalf of A'J: MRID.