Angel Military Operations Complex

Complex Details
Angel Military Operations Complex
Signature Strength 5.0% (nullsec)
Type Unknown
DED rating 7/10
Security Nullsec
Known Regions Great Wildlands
Pirate type Angel Cartel

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The Angel Military Operations Complex is a Cosmic Signature of the DED Complex (rated 7/10) type, occupied by the Angel Cartel pirate faction. It can be found via exploration by probing in Nullsec systems. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.

The site consists of a volume of space with an acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending pirates. Using the gate allows access to other areas within the site. When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battleship class or smaller.

This site's acceleration gate allows only Battleship class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.

Warp in message:

"This military complex belongs to the Angel Cartel, which sent a crew of their finest engineers and military personnel here to establish a mining complex. Unconfirmed DED reports state that the Cartel plans to use this complex to develop new weapons, as well as practice combat maneuvers and strategies away from prying eyes.
DED Threat Assessment: Major (7 of 10) )"

Room 1

"The rumor is that the building of this complex was only half-completed before the Angel Cartel's military operations started. Blasted asteroids and debris from reckless dogfighting litter these deadspace pockets. Caution is advised.
Your transmission decoder flickers: a locator signal, seemingly emanating from a typical container inside this deadspace pocket. Other transmissions indicate that some kind of a disaster has struck, and that a massive explosion knocked communications offline a while ago."
? x (Frigate) Gistii ?
? x (Destroyer) Gistior ?
12 frigates and destroyers total
? x (Cruiser) Gistum ?
? x (Battlecruiser) Gistatis ?
10 cruisers and battlecruiser total
? x (Battleship) Gist Malakim/Throne
? x (Battleship) Gist Nephilim (Target Painter)
10 battleships total
Deadspace Containers
1x Container with Blast Marks (contains Dented Cipher )
1 x Acceleration Gate (40km) (Leads to Room 2) Locked: Requires Dented Cipher
{Other structures drop generic loot)

Room 2

Second Room ( 3 Gates )
"Available data indicates that this deadspace complex pocket was supposed to contain the first deadspace stargate. Reports indicate that the Angel Cartel was not successful."
9-11 x (Destroyer) Gistior Defacer/Defiler/Haunter
7-9 x (Battlecruiser) Gistatis Primus/Tribuni
8-9 x (Battleship) Gist Cherubim/Malakim/Throne
{Main group spawns 30-40km away.)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate (40km) (Leads to Room 3a) {Locked)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate Mark II (30 km) (Leads to Room 3b) {Locked)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate Mark III (60 km) (Leads to Room 3d) {Locked)
1 x Stargate Under Construction and Repair (contains 50k Isogen, 100k Pyerite and 200k Tritanium) {Has very high EHP. Required over 400 Nova Fury Cruise Missiles to destroy.)

Room 3a (Supply Depot)

"The Angel Cartel has established a well fortified supply depot with a large number of troops stationed in military bunkers. A scout mission revealed that the battlestation in the center is not yet fully operational and supposedly serves as supply management HQ and storage facilities."
? x (Cruiser) Gistum ?
~10 x (Battleship) Gist Malakim/Throne
1 x (Battleship Commander) The Stronghold General (Gist ?) (Strong shield tank) (wreck may contain 15th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and Domination Battleship Modules and produce Tech 2 salvage) Please Verify 15th Tier OPE (Run on 11/1/14 {Hyperion} No OPE dropped.)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate (60km) (Leads to Room 4) (Locked.)
(Structures dropped generic loot.)

Room 3b (Tactical Operations Center)

"Tactical operations in the entire deadspace complex are coordinated and handled from here. The battlestation is reported to be well defended."
10 x (Destroyer) Gistior ?
10 x (Battlecruiser) Gistatis ?
10 x (Battleship) Gist ?
1 x (Cruiser Commander) Control Headquarters (Gistum ?) (wreck may contain 15th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects) Please Verify 15th Tier OPE (Very strong tank, immune to EWAR. Could not break tank with 1k DPS Navy Raven + T2 Light Drones.)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate (90km) (Leads to Room 4) Locked?

Room 3c (Watchpost)

"The Outer Perimeter Watchpost is on the outskirts of the deadspace area. Despite the protection the warp-free space offers, the Angel Cartel nonetheless monitors the area closely. A CONCORD diplomatic committee is negotiating an information-sharing deal to relieve tension."
10 x (Destroyer) Gistior ?
8 x (Battlecruiser) Gistatis ?
9 x (Battleship) Gist ?
1 x (Cruiser Commander) Security Coordinator (Gistum ?) (Stasis Webifier) (wreck may contain 15th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects) Please Verify 15th Tier OPE (Very strong tank, immune to EWAR. Required 800 DPS Nova Precision Cruise to destroy.)
1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate (60km) (Leads to Room 4) Locked.

Room 4

"A scouting mission spotted the so-called "Underground Overseer" before warping out under heavy fire."
10 x (Destroyer) Gistior Defacer/Defiler/Haunter
11-12 x (Battleruiser) Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus/Tribuni
6 x (Battleship) Gist Malakim/Throne/Warlord
1 x (Battleship) Gist Nephilim (Target Painter)
1 x (Overseer Battleship) Tritan - The Underground (wreck may contain 16th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and may contain Domination Battleship Modules and produce Tech 2 salvage) Please Verify 16th Tier OPE (Run 11/1/14 {Hyperion} No OPE dropped.)
Structures drop generic loot.

Room 5

Last Room
"The innermost deadspace pocket in the Angel military complex has received a lot of expensive high-quality minerals. Ready-made building blocks are steadily freighted in, but there have been no reports of what they are actually building."
1 x (Sentry) Angel Statis Tower (Stasis Webifier)
18 x (Frigate) Gistior Defacer/Haunter/Shatterer
1 x (Cruiser) Gistum Centurion
12 x (Cruiser) Gistatis Praefectus/Primus/Tribuni
11 x (Battleship) Gist Cherubim/Malakim/Throne
1 x (Overseer Battleship) The Battlestation Admiral (Gist ?) (3,500,000 ISK Bounty) (Has an extremely strong shields and lots of structure) (wreck contains 20th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and may contain Domination Battleship Modules, Gist C-Type Modules, and a Machariel BPC and may produce Tech 2 salvage) (Can be destroyed with 800 DPS Nova Fury Cruise in ~1-2 minutes. Possible to snipe from warp in position and tractor/MTU wreck, then leave.)
(*Warning: Very heavy DPS if you allow the battleships to close to within 20-30km. Battlestation Admiral fires missiles that do thermal damage)
3 x Angel Battlestations (no loot)
Other structures drop generic loot.

Bounties, Loot, & Rewards

Total bounty payout for the pirates in this site is approximately 40-80 million ISK and single 20th tier OPE in the last room worth 61.2 mil, in which case the overall payout is about 100-140 million ISK.

Futhermore, the site's overseers may carry valuable Gist C-Type Modules, Domination Modules, and Machariel Blueprint Copies. Listed below are some examples of Modules known to be found at the site:

Gist C-Type X-Large Shield Booster
Gist C-Type Shield Boost Amplifier*
Gist C-Type 100MN Afterburner
Gist C-Type 500MN Microwarp Drive
Gist C-Type Photon Scattering Field
Gist C-Type Ballistic Deflection Field
Gist C-Type Thermic Dissipation Field

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