Angel Cartel

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The Angel Cartel are a huge organized crime syndicate based out of the Heaven constellation in the Curse region, where they at one time encountered strong opposition from a capsuleer coalition known as the Curse Alliance. While the bulk of their empire activities are focused in the Minmatar regions, they have extensive business throughout the New Eden cluster. A division of the Cartel, the Guardian Angels, are contracted to provide security for the Serpentis Corporation, using their own unique ships which are rumored to be based on Jove technology. The Angel Cartel control a notable share of the “grey market” smuggling of competing products into megacorporate enclaves in the Caldari State.

Recent Events

Those Cartel members who care about events in Empire are not much more enlightened than anybody else - some are still a little bitter about pulling back from Skarkon, but most are just figuring that conflict will result in a greater demand for their products and a decreased security presence on the fringes of Minmatar space where they operate. There's mutterings that the Dominations know rather more than they're letting on to the rest of the organization but, well, that's business as usual and surprises no-one. Of more concern to the average Angel is the loose faction that splintered from the Cartel.

Historically the Cartel has garnered a great many recruits from Minmatar civilians disenchanted with the Republic; many of these individuals saw the rediscovery of the Starkmanir people and the Minmatar backbone as a sign that times were changing, and after re-evaluating their position decided that the Cartel was no longer for them. With the Republic reluctant to welcome them back with open arms, there are signs that they're beginning to group together in loose packs, and the Cartel is already worrying about their destabilizing presence.

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