Amarr Will Eat Itself (Player corporation)

Name Amarr Will Eat Itself
Ticker [AWEI]
Alliance Minmatarts [TARTS]
CEO Adrielle Firewalker
Founded 105.10.06 21:24
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Alliances Ushra'Khan
Former CEOs Kara'Kum Wayrest


Amarr Will Eat Itself (AWEI) was formed by most of the departing members of Neuromancers, which the exception of Nirvy, who joined the first incarnation of Curse Alliance as part of Black Omega Security, and Darkvizier, who remained a freelancer for several months before joining.

The core goal of AWEI was initially to produce Tech 1 equipment and ammunition to anti-slaver organisations, such as The Peoples Front of Minmatar. This was achieved through frequent mining operations, as well as mission running.

The corporation had two directors:

  • Camar - Head of military operations
  • Dar Torn - Head of industry and events coordinator

In 106, after the Khumaak debate and subsequent Protest, AWEI set out to unify the Minmatar people against the actions of the Republic, who many saw as pandering to the Amarr Empire with their banning of traditions in exchange for a handful of freed slaves.

Ironically, the actions of AWEI and its CEO, Adrielle Firewalker only widened the rift between corporations such as Gradient and Oracle, by creating a divide of Separatist vs. Loyalist ideals. This eventually lead to the formation of The People's Republic of Minmatar by the pro-Matari organisation, The Peoples Front of Minmatar.

In November of 106, CONCORD sanctions allowed the forming of 'official' alliances, and AWEI formeed and was the executor corporation of the Ushra'Khan alliance for six months, prior to the corporation's official disbanding in mid-107.

The majority of AWEI's core membership joined Camar's new corporation, Stormriders, to continue bringing the fight to the slavers. A few followed Adrielle into her new corporation, Minmatarts.

Present Day

In mid-111, the corporation was reinstated continuing with its original goal of producing ships, equipment and ammunition for the fight against slavery. This time incorporating blueprint assets from Wasteland Miners which had recently folded due to internal politics.

AWEI offers substantial discounts on its products to any individual, corporation, or alliance that aids in the Minmatar cause, irrespective of their political alignment.