Akasha Prime (Character)

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Name Akasha Prime
Gender Undisclosed
Race Amarr
Bloodline True Amarr
Licensed Undisclosed
Corporation The Voidstalker Heresy
Occupation CEO
Specialization Transhumanism

File: Prime, Akasha
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 161.8 CM
Weight: 51 kg
Bloodtype: Classified
Birthdate: Undisclosed
Birthplace: Undisclosed
Family: Undisclosed
Affiliations: Amarr Empire, Hedion University, The Voidstalker Heresy, Arek'Jaalan

Akasha Prime is a transhumanist scientist and self-proclaimed Tenebrous Empress of the Void and is considered by some Amarrian religious authorities to be a dangerous heretic.


Early Life

Significant effort and resources have been exerted attempting to remove any record of Akasha Prime's history. What is known is that she was born into a noble family, but her family was later dishonored amidst rumors of heretical genetic experimentation and trafficking in illegal biotechnology. Unconfirmed reports and correlative stories from attending physicians indicate that Akasha suffered from a rare progressive genetic disorder and received regular infusions of modified nanomechanical boosters to halt the advancement of the disease. When she was old enough to attend school without attracting attention, she took the name of a minor merchant family and attended Hedion University, graduating with the university's highest honors.

"Father, is it strange that I find science...stimulating?"


Early Career: The Seven Keys to the Seven Pillars

Akasha leveraged her remaining wealth and connections to gain the favor of Professor Kajurei Delainen and earned a position on his research team. Over the years the two became very close, sparking an intense rivalry between Akasha and Dr. Lamia Calus. That rivalry peaked when Dr. Calus discovered insights into Akasha's past and notified authorities. With little time to prepare, Akasha ensured that Professor Delainen had all the data he required before incinerating her clones and destroying all copies of her infomorph that they had been using for their research. She had her cure; the fame could wait. In one final bid for supremacy, she kidnapped Dr. Calus and forged an artificial infomorph transmission. The fate of the original Dr. Lamia Calus is still undetermined.

"What did you ever do for him, Lamia? From the wombs of a hundred clones I bore him a billion children! I deserve this. This is my cure, and with my cure Kajurei will usher in a new generation of transhuman hybrids. You would have them destroyed out of fear. That is why you sold us out, no? No matter. I have already received word that your infomorph was received by the cloning facility following your shuttle's accident. I hear your family is already on their way to pick you up and take you home. Calm down. Don't struggle. Relax. You'll need your strength. We have work to do...for science."

Recent Career: The Void God and the Tenebrous Empress

Akasha disappeared after the incident with Delainen. She later heard that, with the aid of Dr. Lamia Calus, capsuleers had hunted him down and attempted to seize his research for themselves. In a desperate attempt at survival, he had used the cure he had developed for Akasha on himself, ultimately fusing with a drone battleship and reaching enlightenment before being destroyed by an overwhelming capsuleer force.

After hearing of Delainen's death, Akasha retreated into wormhole space to conduct research into the ancient entities that dwelt there and observe the strange phenomena that appeared in wormhole systems.

During her research, Akasha encoutered [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] but the experience left her forever altered. It is from that moment that she took the designation Prime, Tenebrous Empress of the Void and began preaching the dark faith of [REDACTED]. The two ships emerged from the wormhole together. Their entire crews had gone missing in the attack, and the two captains, Akasha Prime and Thraxis Prime founded The Voidstalker Heresy to perform the will of the [REDACTED].

Akasha is now calling all capsuleers who wish to push the boundaries of their humanity to become something greater than what they were born to be.

"I pushed too far, too fast. I copied and experimented upon myself and others with no regards to the ethics of man. How do we define humanity? Is it in our structure? We have made so many modifications to our structural code in the pursuit of health and beauty that we can hardly say that we are the same species that was humanity a hundred thousand years ago. Is it in our ability to reason? We have created by our own hands self-aware intelligence that pursues its own agendas and we have seen the intelligences of ancient entities thousands of years old. By that definition the so called rogue drones would also be human. Perhaps it is both, or neither. Perhaps it is something implied by the presence of thought and will. Perhaps in the end we will discover that we are all far more alike that we would like to admit. In my passion for the science I lost something of myself. I cracked the shell of my humanity and shards of my humanity fell into the darkness. I became something else. I pushed onward to the very edge and looked through the cracks. What I saw was horrifying...and exhilarating."