Aideron Robotics (Player Corporation)

Name Aideron Robotics
Ticker [[AIDER]]
Alliance none
CEO Marcel Devereux
Founded April, YC 111
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Aideron Robotics
Website [1]


Aideron Robotics


Aideron Robotics applies Sleeper technology to domestic robotics and pod system software. With products for the kitchen, bedroom, and pod, you need never be alone.

Our flagship product is Aura for Android.

Applying to Aideron Robotics

Please familiarize yourself with our corporate culture, goals, and rules of engagement before applying. You can peruse our in-game description, talk to current members, or (soon) check out more information on


Exceptions can be made in cases of special need or circumstance.

  • You use TeamSpeak 3 for corporate communications, and at least sometimes with a microphone.
  • You provide a full-access API key (we have a custom application that you will enter it in).
  • You are not Kill-On-Sight to Gallente Federation (your modified faction standing must remain above -5.0).
  • You commit to abiding by our Rules of Engagement
  • You are prepared (as a player and as a character) to participate in defense of corporation and alliance in some fashion (PVP, POS repair, POS gunnery)
  • When you choose to participate in corporate operations and corp-supported activities (such as w-space), you work smoothly and co-operatively with others and follow operational procedures
  • You refrain from scamming, can-flipping, and excessive smacktalk, preserving the corporation's image and integrity
  • You are sufficiently mature and fun to fly with
  • You are willing to move your primary combat character to low-sec while Aideron Robotics remains in Faction Warfare

Basic Rules of Engagement

  • We follow CONCORD regulations in high and low-security Empire space.
  • We respect the rules of sovereign NRDS space.
  • We fly free of constraint in known 0.0 space which is lawless or occupied by NBSI pilots.
  • We enjoy shooting outlaws, but are not ideologically anti-pirate.